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Aluminum Street Sign

Aluminum Street Sign

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*Measures  4" x 18"
*Corner Radius 0.5"
*.025" Thickness
*White Front / Silver Back
*Mounting Holes

Street Sign Color Codes:
Red- #FF0000 RGB(255, 0, 0)
Fluorescent Pink- #FFF33CC RGB(255,51,204)
Coral- #CC0033 RGB(204,0,51)
Orange- #FF6600 RGB(255,102,0)
Yellow- #FFCC00 RGB(255,204,0)
Fluorescent Yellow Green- #99FF00 RGB(153,255,0)
Green- #009900 RGB(0,153,0)
Light Blue- #66CCFF RGB(102,204,255)
Blue- #0000FF RGB(0,0,255)
Purple- #660099 RGB(102,0,153)
Brown- #660000 RGB(102,0,0)
Black- #000000 RGB(0,0,0)
White-#FFFFFF RGB(255,255,255)
Sublimation Instructions:
400 Degrees F 60 Seconds Medium Pressure
Tape your image to the white side.
When placing on on press, IMPORTANT MAKE SURE THE SILVER SIDE IS UP!!!!!
You may have to adjust time and temperature according to your heat press.

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