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20oz Snow Globe Sublimation Blank

20oz Snow Globe Sublimation Blank

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20oz Snow Globe Clear Glass Can ready for your next sublimation project! These are double walled glass cans with a port hole on the bottom to allow to insert your choice of glitter and glycerin to provide the snow globe effect or you can put 3mm jelly stones in there for a no mess option.

These glass cans can be sublimated with whatever design you choose. The sublimation process MUST be done prior to inserting the glitter and glycerin. The glitter, glycerin and UV Epoxy to seal the hole is not included.

These are great gifts for anyone! They make great craft projects for kids this summer and are hot sellers for sublimation businesses.

***Please be careful filling these cups with the glycerin liquid. Too much pressure can cause the cup to break!*** 

-Clear 20oz (25oz glass)
-Bamboo lid
-Plastic straw
-Individually boxed

Sublimation Instructions:

Big Love Press 360*F 40 seconds turn 40 seconds

Oven: 400*F 5 minutes rotate half way 

You may have to adjust time and temperature according to your press or oven.

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